Who we are

We are a family who loves to bring holiday cheer to the community with cheerful, funny, and colorful light show displays. Our show is created with inside jokes from our family, and we always have singing characters who represent our family members. We go for a humorous light show for families with kids of all ages!

Joe is the nerd who build all the props, controllers, and programs the shows. Alicia puts up with all of this, supports the show, and helps with the website and social media. Emily is in training to learn how to build the shows and sequence songs.

Where we are

We are located in the Panther Trace neighborhood in Riverview, Florida. We are about 10 miles south of I4 off I75, between Gibsonton Drive and Big Bend exits (246 and 250). Well worth the drive as there are many others in the neighborhood who do light shows and light displays for Halloween and Christmas.

Our Shows

We will have a Halloween show that goes up around October 1 and will run nightly through Halloween night. Special effects will run on Friday and Saturday nights, and on Halloween night for the kids out trick-or-treating. After that, we will take down the halloween specific parts of our show and prepare for Christmas, which will go up before Thanksgiving, with our goal of lighting up the Christmas spirit the night of Thanksgiving. Our Christmas show will run nightly until just New Years Eve, with special effects being present Friday and Saturday nights, Christmas night, and hopefully some sequences leading up to ring in the new year! Additional holidays may be built out in the future.


We love to have comments, suggestions, and more on our pages! We do the light shows for YOU! While we cannot make everyone happy all the time, we hope that if you watch long enough, you will find a song, skit, or some part of our show that you enjoy.

Etiquette for our shows

We love to have people come by to enjoy the lights, but please remember that we live in a community. We insist that all visitors are respectful of our neighbors above all else. Please do not block driveways or roadway so that others can move about the community. Please do not turn up car radios such that neighbors can hear them outside your vehicle, and absolutely NO loud bass systems are permitted. Because we care about our community, we monitor for this and will stop the show that night if things get out of hand. We do welcome parking along the side of our house and bringing lawn chairs to set up between the street and sidewalk! If we are not busy, we may come join you to enjoy the show. For Halloween night, wether you are at our show, trick-or-treating, or heading to a party, PLEASE be careful of the kids out having fun! (Lets face it, it may be the only night of the year that kids are not buried in their electronics, lets keep them safe everywhere!). Finally, we ask that you please not enter the yard where we have props set up (please do not go past the arches toward the house!). We must insist on this because of the various trip and fall hazards – we don’t want you to get hurt!